Dragworld: Meeting and Greeting… or M&G Amnesia?

With the previous article highlighting the pros and cons of Meet and greets they are mainly highs pros.

Most of the Meet and greets have come so fantastic stories! Each week will have a specific queen and the fun photos/ stories alongside them.

Let’s start with Dragworld UK, with so many queens there were plenty of opportunities to meet a variety! The good thing about the convention was paying for who you wanted to meet. This made the event more personalized and catered to and your fave.

Before we got moved away for staring. Jokes.

Whilst Bine and I missed out on everybody… we were super late to the game and to the drag community! However, we were super lucky the week before to snag a Sharon Needles and Jinkx Monsoon M&G! Not that meeting a queen would have ruined the event but to meet someone you think is great.. is well… pretty great!

Our attempt at a self-run photo booth 👯

I was first in the firing line of anxiety and nerves meeting Jinkx. Everyone has said how amazing and lovely she is, my fear was that.. what if she wasn’t nice and then my image of her is shattered. I was wrong of course, she was a sweetheart and a brief chat about the day and upcoming drag ball in the eve.

Normally I’m okay meeting queens, but this had me in pieces. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first queen I truly admired for her confidence and now famous saying ‘Water off a ducks back.’

I’ve applied it to a lot of things that I realize there is no point worrying about!

As for Bine… well this time she was the cool cucumber treating Sharon like a lifelong friend! Wearing a handmade brightly colored tutu to meet the queen of ghouls is a fantastic image. What was the first thing Sharon said: “You look just like Jiggly Caliente.”

Of course, Bine responded in her usual happy positive self “No, I’m a godamn unicorn” most people would be intimated by Sharon. Nope. Sassy comeback fired. Miss Needles exclaimed, “No, your gorgeous!” And after the most awesome set of selfies were taken.

Some people knew of the event well in advance so managed to snag a few M&G’s!



The luckiest of them all is Nathan, the crafty little…. managed to grab loads! I lost count in the end. But he’s not a showboating fan who does it for the social media likes. He stuck to the theme and rocked the hell out of his Rocky Horror show outfit! You know a drag fan is a nice one when every mine is genuinely excited for each other to meet their fave.

YES! All in one weekend. Not. Jealous. Nope. Not at all. Nah

That’s exactly what you get with Bine and Nathan, in fact, everyone I’ve encountered has pretty much raised each other’s spirit when nervous, anxious or super excited and suffer from M&G amnesia.. because YES IT IS REAL!

But until next year DragWorld.. we sashayed away incredibly happy 💕

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