It’s time for the meet and greet

Being a drag fan I think the ideas of Meet and greets are brilliant. We get to meet our favorite queens who have helped us with something in our lives. But why is it so many fans seem to want so much from them? 

Many fans on social media whine and complain when queens go on tour nowhere near them. It’s called compromise I know of people who fly or travel hours to go to a gig. If you loved them you would choose to find a way. Most shows are for myself are usually about two hours for me and aren’t a difficult journey. I completely understand those who are young and can’t afford it. 

When a queen eventually does tour nearby for a fan the said fan then complains, either the price of a meet and greet or the limited amount of them available! You. Don’t. Have. To. Meet. Them. 

No one is making you buy that ticket, you are choosing to pay that price. General admission for most shows are reasonably priced. Queens cannot win with some fans, seeing some comments are laughable. Promoters decide on what and where they go if you truly think coming for a queen on the decisions made by a promoter is validated you need to rethink why you are a fan. 

Lately, there have been occasions where a show sells out and the decision is to go to another part of the country. The fun thing is I’ve been to places I would never have gone to due to drag shows! 

Photo Via Instagram: @vallost5 @ther3alsparkles @kirstybright_

Complaining about prices and tour dates to the queens on social media will not get you anywhere. Instead, it creates this crazy aurora of selfishness where fans feel they are entitled to them catering to their needs.

Lately season nine queen Trinity Taylor wrote a lengthy post on social media about Meet and greets. I was so happy she decided to do it. So many fans do not understand the line of this being their job. They chose to become drag queens, they wanted to get their art out there and they’ve achieved it. 

Yes, they are in the limelight, but what they didn’t choose was fans to stalk them outside hotels and ask for selfies outside of drag. They are a character, if you take a photo and post it to social media, you are shattering the image they have created. 

They have worked hard to get where they are and appreciate all their fans. Don’t think you are validated to take pieces of them as a human. After a show, they go back to being a human and clock out. Imagine yourself finishing work and having to go home to find your boss messaging you loads and hanging around. This is the equivalent to what fans do! It makes no sense as to why they do it. 

Instead, support the queens, show up to shows and enjoy the performance. Don’t kick off because Meet and greets are sold out.

 You fell in love with the queen due to how they performed on drag race. Not so you could get a selfie for twitter. Meet and greets are great for interaction with them and getting to know them. They don’t object that you have a selfie with them then leave. Remember they want to meet you too, however, they do want to engage in conversation. 

They don’t care for the photo you take, imagine how many they take a day. What they will remember is the time you took to ask how they are and how their day is. Sounds so incredibly simple but just think how many times they hear ” I love you” or  ” you changed my life”. 

They have helped countless of people with issues in their personal lives. But write it down in a letter or card, not only will it sound less fangirling. Not only does it save you precious time you have with them to chat, but after the show, they can read said card/letter in their own time. 

This gives you as a fan time to engage in conversation with them during your very limited time you have with them. The letter can be written to every detail to how you feel. Even if they don’t read it you know you’ve told them in some form. 

Overall the celebration of drag is just that. Through drag I have met countless of amazing people, I got to attend Drag world UK Europe’s first ever Drag convention. That in itself is a fantastic milestone for drag, but instead, fans obsess over how many Meet and Greet’s they did or didn’t get. 

It becomes a competition of who has the best M&G story or photo. Fans argue over Twitter on who’s met who the most, how the queen likes a fan more than someone else. It becomes this toxic and weird competition. I don’t want to call out young fans as it’s not just them. 

We as fans need to stick together and have a great time at shows. 

So next time you manage to go to a meet and greet just remember to have fun and enjoy your time with your fave queen. The photo and selfie is the last thing you should think about. It’s as simple as this: Respect them, have a chat and that’s how well you’ll be treated.

Lastly… have fun!! Us fans wait so long for the time to go to the show, indulge every minute and embrace the atmosphere. Try not to obsess over the m&g… I know it’s tricky! Go in with a sunny disposition, make new friends and have the time of your life!


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