West Bar 5- Glitter Bitch Ball

The fabulous bitch ball is where it all started, our very first drag show and it began with both our favorites. Sharon Needles for me was the one that got me hooked up onto Drag Race even more than the other seasons. The attitude and look had me hooked, I’m super late to the Drag Race game so had no idea about her music.

As for Bine it’s all about Willam so this worked out well, both our season 4 queens united and it being our first show together seemed like fate- I know that’s corny (sorry!) She traveled all the way from Germany for one night so we could experience it together.

Another thing this was also our first every meet and greet as you can imagine we were so calm and chilled. Least one of us was.. as soon as we walked into the car park both our beloved queens walked out of a car, it shocked us both.

The meet and greet was perfect, they were both so incredibly nice and it didn’t  feel rushed something I’ve always worried about.  I myself think meet and greet is a crazy but great thing, as it must be incredibly weird for them. But it’s so awesome that we can all interact with the queens, as long as it’s done with respect then everyone’s happy.


The show itself was everything and more Sharon Needles is so incredibly talented live, her songs in itself is another story. But her performance was supper and her humor is dark as you’d expect, but she also made some incredibly profound speeches about love and acceptance. As for Willam he surprised me and was really good, not being a huge Willam fan I actually came away liking him! His performances were great and his interaction with the crowd was hilarious.


First ever meet and greet with Sharon Needles


For our first ever drag show it’s set us up for the loads we have in the next couple of weeks! The key to the success; stay calm, breathe, enjoy and don’t fangirl in front of them…. do it as a group in a corner away from them!

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