This Is The Beginning…

RuPaul’s Drag Race has become more than a show to many fans across the world, it’s brought new idols who have inspired people of all ages.

Thanks to this little show we only discovered 4 months ago, I’ve accumulated so many fantastic opportunities. I’ve got to finally meet my first favorite drag queen Sharon Needles, wrote for a drag publication and met liked minded people.

Two of these people has gone onto to become big parts of my daily life; my drag twin and the other my drag mumma. They’ve become more than just drag we’re a little group who help each other and of course, obsess over our queens.

So together we’ve decided to document our upcoming drag adventures, the next 4 months has plenty of drag shows scheduled. What better way to document it all than through the big wide world web?

This is a place for fans of all ages to read about events, blog posts and photos.

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